General Bio: 

Sago Studio started three years and a half ago, as a casual conversation between two friends and blossomed into one of the up-and-coming clothings brands in the SF Bay Area. Much like other Silicon Valley stories, Sago was initially created in their garage and is now sold at Valley Fair Mall, and on their website.

Despite their initial struggles in the first few months, including a major lawsuit, they’re now worn by celebrities and NBA players alike. Having music artists like Cozz, Manila Grey, P-LO and professional athletes like Deebo Samuel from the San Francisco 49ers, Jordan Poole from the Golden State Warriors, Tyrese Haliburton from the Sacramento Kings, and Jalen Green from the Houston Rockets rep their brand.

Sago’s been poppin off all over California and also have a large fan base in Hawai’i. They hope to launch their first Sago Studio’s store by the end of the year in California or on the islands. 

Sago Studio’s mission is to give street fashion for all – bringing clean, monochrome, street style to the masses whilst giving back to the community that helped them rise up. They’d also like to be able to send clothes to those in need, particularly in the Philippines. One common misconception about the brand is that Sago Studio is really unapproachable and serious.
“People think we’re really intimidating because of the colors, fonts, and designs of our streetwear but we’re like, super nice.”

- Brian Hwang, Co-Founder of Sago Studio

About the Founders

JB and Brian had always had a passion for fashion, street clothes, and well, shopping. It was a whirlwind from the start, as co-founder JB went all in after he was fired due to COVID-19. “At first I was DM’ing hundreds of celebrities a day and it’s crazy to think now they’re reaching out to us!” says JB.

Brian also remembers when he quit his job at Stanford, saying “I would just be thinking about the brand at work and as we started gaining more traction, I knew I had to follow my gut.”

Both JB and Brian’s ultimate goal aside from growing the brand is to have more time to spend with their friends, family, and being able to send bigger Balikbayan boxes back home to the Philippines. When they’re not in the office or packing products to ship they love playing basketball, drawing, and getting Back-A-Yard Carribean food in Downtown San Jose.

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